No-binder Fiber Paper is without Organic binder and use green products,with biodegradable green products, without any stimulation and

                                          harm to human body and environment. It adopts new technology, made from high pure raw materials. Besides high thermal performance, greatly

                                          reducing the dust particles in large volume, make the products in the use of softer.

                                          Product contains :NO-binder biosouble fiber paper and NO-binder fiberglass paper.


                                          WHAT'S THE PERFORMANCE?


                                          ◆Excellent thermal insulation effectt


                                          ◆Corrosion resistance


                                          ◆Absorb sound


                                          ◆Hydrophobicity and fire resistance


                                          ◆Easy to install


                                          ◆Low heat capacity


                                          ◆Less irritating


                                          ◆Easiness of mechanical processing


                                          ◆The thermal erosion


                                          ◆Excellent electrical insulation properties


                                          ◆Does not contain asbestos, anti corrosion


                                          ◆Surface smooth, uniform thickness



                                          WHAT'S THE APPLICATION?


                                          ◆Sealing, anti-corrosion materials


                                          ◆Investment casting mold wrap insulation.


                                          ◆One-time consumable insulating applications


                                          ◆Applications where low binder content is required


                                          ◆Upgrade for fiberglass paper and blankets


                                          ◆The non-ferrous metal casting liner



                                          WHAT'S THE TECHNICAL DATA?


                                           specification:Index1Thickness Range0.5mm-5mm2Width range50~1240mm3Lengthaccording to customer requirements4Density(g/m2)160±105Tensile strength(KN/m)>0.056Colorwhite7Chemical compositionAL2O3+SIO2 %≥97Other<3%8Bindercontent(%)NO9Thermal conductivity (W/m.K )500°C≤0.1510long-term Using temperature(℃ ) 


                                          WHICH TEST WE HAVE


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