Refractory Ceramic Fibre (RCF) featured aluminosilicate ceramic fibers as the main raw material ,made of wet forming process.

                                          It is a advanced lightweight refractories. Suitable for high temperature heat insulation, thermal insulation,sealing, electrical insulation,

                                          sound-absorbing, filtering, buffering,etc.

                                          Standard grade : TXZ 1260

                                          High- Alumina grade : TXZ 1350

                                          Zirconia grade : TXZ 1400

                                          Standard Thicknesses: 1/32", 1/16", 1/8", 1/4"



                                          WHAT'S THE PERFORMANCE?


                                          ◆Excellent thermal insulation◆Flexibility, tear resistance good
                                          ◆Absorb sound◆Hydrophobicity and fire resistance
                                          ◆Easy to install◆Low heat capacity
                                          ◆Excellent chemical stability◆Easiness of mechanical processing



                                          WHAT'S THE APPLICATION?


                                          ◆The furnace door and body sealing material
                                          ◆Cast aluminum liner model, stripping glass ceramics
                                          ◆Hot melt glass, high temperature sealing gasket
                                          ◆Insulation equipment heating device and electric
                                          ◆Sealing, anti-corrosion materials
                                          ◆Household appliances, electric heating insulation device
                                          ◆All kinds of electrical components
                                          ◆Automobile, aerospace industry



                                          WHAT'S THE TECHNICAL DATA?



                                          SpecificationTXZ-1260TXZ-1350TXZ-1400Density (kg/m3)180±20180±20190±20Classification temperature℃126013501430Long-time using temperature℃110012001350Organic matter content%≤8%≤8%≤8%AL2O3%≥45≥52 -AL2O3+SIO2%≥97≥97(ZrO2≥15%) LOI≤9%≤9%≤9% Width range50~1240mmengthaccording to customer requirements Thermal Conductivity W/m k400℃≤0.1≤0.1≤0.08800℃≤0.19≤0.19≤0.16 1000℃≤0.36≤0.36≤0.22 

                                          Inner PE bag,Outer Cartons with Pallet

                                          Data are of average indication and should not be used as specification. Users are advised to consult us for

                                          specific application.
                                          Non-standard sizes are available on request.


                                          WHICH TEST WE HAVE


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