Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIPs) is one of the Vacuum thermal Insulation material, by filling the composite core material and Vacuum protection

                                          surface layer, and effectively prevents heat transfer of air convection, and thus greatly reduces the thermal conductivity,is currently the world's

                                          most advanced and efficient heat preservation material.


                                          WHAT'S THE PERFORMANCE?


                                          Raw MaterialGlass wool /Chopped strandThickness (mm)5-50Diameter of Fiber (μm)6-10Density (kg/m3)180-220Thermel Conductivity (W/mk)0.0018~0.0025Tensile Strength (kN/25 mm)0.26Life Time (Years)15-20Moisture Content (%)0.1Size range250*250~2400*2000mm


                                          WHAT'S THE APPLICATION?


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