As the main part of the vacuum insulation panel,it use straight superfine glass wool or chopped strand fiberglass as main material from wet


                                          It is a new and efficient heat insulation material ,it has very low thermal conductivity under the condition of vacuum, widely used in refrigerator,

                                          freezer, refrigerated trucks, cold storage, refrigerated containers, ice storage tank and other insulation systems.


                                          WHAT'S THE PERFORMANCE?


                                          Raw MaterialGlass woolE-glass CS
                                          Thickness  (mm)0.5-10.5-1
                                          Maximum Size (mm*mm)1200*24001200*2400
                                          Density (kg/m3)180-20080-160
                                          Diameter of Fiber (μm)2-87-9
                                          Thermel Conductivity (W/mk)0.026-0.0280.028-0.031
                                          Tensile Strength  (kg/25 mm)0.260.37
                                          Life Time  (Years)10-1510-15
                                          Moisture Content  (%)0.10.2
                                          Operating Temperature(℃)-80-80-80-80


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