Fiberglass Composite Filtration Paper


                                          1. Introduction

                                          Fiberglass Composite Filtration Paper is made by micro-fiberglass paper laminated with synthetic non-woven fabric in one side or both sides.The one-woven fabric is the protecting layer which can enhance tensile strength of the paper.Depending on advanced technology,equipment,and professional R&D team,our fiberglass composite filtration paper has the performance of high particle holding capacity,low air resistance,high tensile strength and high stability.Dali expects to work together with global liquid and air filter manufactures,to satisfy customers all the way.


                                          The product can be used for the liquid filtration,like high-grade aviation oil,hydraulic oil,heavy oil system,nuclear power station water filtration,compressor system,etc,to remove the particle from the liquid.It can also be used to remove the particle from the atmosphere.



                                          2. Technical Data Sheet

                                          注:1)The “S” in NF-S-1 mean laminated non-woven fabric on both sides of fiberglass paper,The “D” in NF-D-1 mean laminated non-woven fabric on one side of fiberglass paper

                                            2)Width range 200-1200mm




                                          3. Package


                                          Supplied in roll size, inner package is plastic film, outer package is carton box



                                          4. Contact


                                          Jiangsu Dali Energy Saving Technology Co., LTD. 


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